Re.rockspace.local Not Working: Resolved

 Re.rockspace.local Not Working: Resolved

So, you are done with the Rockspace WiFi extender setup. Now, you can begin accessing its network. But, what to do to if you want to changes to its settings? Do you have any such question in your mind? This guide is what you need right now to get answers to your questions. To make any modifications to your Rockspace WiFi range extender, you need to access its control panel by logging into Rockspace extender using www. re.rockspace.local. It is the same control panel that you used to do the initial Rockspace extender setup. Once the extender setup is completed, the setup wizard gets bypassed and you directly reach to the control panel or the settings page wherein you can make any changes like firmware update, passwords changes, enabling various features on the device, and much more.

But at times, users complain that they experience trouble accessing the Rockspace extender login page using re.rockspace.local. This guide will help you fix the login issues with your Rockspace WiFi range extender with minimal effort.

Troubleshooting Re.rockspace.local not working Issue

We are going to give you in-detail information on what can be done by you, in case you have trouble accessing the Rockspace extender login page. Simply follow to below-given steps to begin accessing re.rockspace.local.

  1. Step 1: Verify Web Address

Make sure that you are using the correct web address to log in to your Rockspace extender settings page. Even a minor error while entering the web address into the web browser’s address bar will take you to a different page. Thus, check that you are typing it carefully without making any spelling errors. Apart from this, ensure to type the web address in the address bar and not in the search bar of the web browser. kcp share price

  1. Step 2: Clear Browser Cache

The cache that gets accumulated on the web browser may at times prevent the browser to open certain web pages. The same may be in your case. Though the primary purpose of the cache is to load the page much faster, however, if the website is updated, then the same cache may not let you open the website. Hence, clear the cache as well as browsing history by going into the browser settings and then proceed with the login process.

  1. Step 3: Update the Web Browser

You can also update your web browser to the latest version such that any browser-related issues get fixed easily.

  1. Step 4: Ensure Adequate Power Supply

Be certain that your Rockspace range extender is receiving an adequate and trouble-free power supply. Check with the power socket as well as the power adapter connecting to the extender for any damages.

  1. Step 5: Verify Internet Connection

If your extender is not receiving a proper internet connection, then also there are chances of having trouble accessing the Rockspace extender login page. So, if you have a wired connection between your extender and the router, then check that the Ethernet cable is connected properly and is not worn out. However, if the connection is wireless, then consider reconnecting your devices to make sure that everything is perfect.

  1. Step 6: Try Different Device

Use a different device to access re.rockspace.local login page. If you were using a computer to log in to your extender till now, then try the login process with a laptop or a smart phone or do vice versa.

  1. Step 7: Reset Rockspace Extender

If the above-given steps could not help you access the Rockspace range extender then maybe the issue is due to improper extender setup. Now, you need to reconfigure your device. Before that, you will have to reset it to the default factory settings. Locating the Reset button on the Rockspace extender and pressing it will reset your device to the factory settings. After resetting, all you need to do is use to set up your Rockspace range extender.

Closing Note

Here we close our write-up on what to do when you are experiencing re.rockspace.local not working issue. We hope that after you have performed the troubleshooting steps, you should be able to access re.rockspace.local to go the Rockspace WiFi range extender settings page and make any modifications to your device.