Businesspally descry Cleaning Car Interior Properly

 Businesspally descry Cleaning Car Interior Properly

Not many people care about car interior cleaning as the exterior of their car.

This is simply because the car body is readily seen in public but the interior is private.

However, there's much more to the car interior than the exterior, and here are important parts to declutter in your car interior. Norstrat

Preparation of car interior cleaning

Put all cleaning and care products as well as cleaning utensils within easy reach beforehand. 

Important: household and dishwashing detergents have no place in the car, chaktty said

The products attack the plastic in the car interior. The following is required for proper car interior cleaning:

• Vacuum cleaner or small change for the vacuum cleaner in the self-service system 

• Cleaning bucket with lukewarm water 

• Clean microfibre cloths 

• Sponge 

• Cockpit cleaner 

• Upholstery cleaner • Leather cleaner 

if necessary • Impregnation spray • Window cleaner • Chamois leather or 

kitchen paper • Small brush or brush • Thread can also be gotten for car interior cleaning.


How to Declutter car interior?

The first thing to do to clean your car interior is get down to business: take out the trash and loose items from your car.

Throw away old parking tickets and empty trash cans or ashtrays if necessary.


Vacuum and clean floor mats

Next up is the vacuuming. To do this, take the floor mats out of the car and put them aside, then vacuum the car with the vacuum cleaner.

It's best to start with the trunk and work your way forward. Don't forget to vacuum under the floor cover.

In order to protect leather seats, it is essential to use a soft brush attachment, which Techpally recommended.

Side compartments of the doors or cup holders can also be vacuumed to remove coarse dirt. But be careful: do not press too hard, otherwise, scratches can quickly occur.

Floor mats are beaten out and also vacuumed. The mat brushes achieve a particularly good result in the self-service car wash - it's worth investing a few dollars there. 

Particularly stubborn stains are treated with an upholstery cleaner, business pally advised.


Instruments and cockpit

A soft microfiber cloth and lukewarm water are often sufficient for the cockpit.

If you have stubborn stains on the fittings, you can use a mild cockpit spray. 

There are some with silicone for shine, but also cleaners especially for matt surfaces.

Spray the cleaning agent onto a microfiber cloth, rub the surfaces evenly with it and allow to dry.

Be careful with the airbags in the steering wheel, in the dashboard on the passenger side and on the sides of the seats: the wrong products can attack the predetermined breaking points!


Clean the steering wheel and ventilation grille

The steering wheel is touched every day, which is why care is required when cleaning the inside of the car. 

Depending on the steering wheel, use either a plastic or leather cleaner.

 Tip: Use a piece of wool and a brush for small grooves and cracks.

This makes it easy to sweep out the dust in the crevices. You can also use a brush to get into the ventilation grilles and cracks around the radio can also be used to remove dust.


Panes and mirrors

Cleaning mirrors and windows is also an important part of car interior cleaning.

Inside, the panes are first wiped with a dry microfiber cloth to remove the first layer of dust. 

Remove residues of  stickers and vignettes  in advance with a scraper or soak with a solvent. 

Spray the panes and mirrors with a glass cleaner, wipe with a microfibre cloth and then wipe dry with a chamois leather or a piece of kitchen paper, Techpally advised.

To make it easier to get to the windscreen, there are special windscreen cleaners with telescopic rods.

In the case of rear windows with heating wires, care should be taken to only work in the longitudinal direction.

Tip:Before cleaning the windows, open them all a little. The upper edge can also be cleaned in this way.