Wavlink WiFi Extender Keeps Asking for Password? Let’s Fix!

Wavlink WiFi Extender Keeps Asking for Password? Let’s Fix!

In order to access the web-based management utility of the Wavlink extender, one needs to visit ap.setup. After that, a window appears where the user has to insert the ap.setup Wavlink login password. But, in recent times, many users are complaining that their Wavlink extender keeps asking for password.

Are you also looking for a solution to this question? If yes, then consider walking through this write-up. Here, we have summed up various troubleshooting techniques to get the problem fixed. So, let’s get the ball rolling.

Reasons: Wavlink Extender Keeps Asking for Password

Before you get down to the troubleshooting hacks, have a nudge on the reasons that might be dragging you to the issue you’re facing. Knowing them will help you troubleshoot the problem easily.

  • You might be using the incorrect Wavlink password to log in to your extender.

  • The web browser you are using is running on an outdated software version.

  • The extender might have fallen to technical glitches.

  • Your web browser might be containing a pent-up cache.

  • You haven’t installed your Wavlink extender appropriately.

Now that you’re aware of the reasons dragging you to the Wavlink extender keeps asking for password issues, it is time to know troubleshooting methods.

Fixed: Wavlink Extender Keeps Asking for Password

  • Use the Correct Password

Most of the users fail to log in to their Wavlink extenders due to the use of the incorrect password. As a result, they get returned to the Wavlink login screen again and again. Therefore, don’t stand in the same queue and use the correct admin password of your wireless device to reach its dashboard. Know that the default password of your extender is case-sensitive. Thus, irrelevant capitalization of letters must be avoided.

In case you’ve altered the Wavlink admin password at the time of the installation, it is recommended that you use the updated password. Once you rectify this mistake, check whether you’re still facing the same issue.

  • Update the Web Browser

An outdated web browser can cause trouble at any time. Chances are that your Wavlink extender is asking for the password again and again due to the outdated software version of the web browser. Therefore, you need to update the web browser you’re currently using.

The web browser can be updated by clicking the hamburger button located in the top-right corner of the browser’s dashboard and selecting the Update option followed by the Settings menu. Once done see if your Wavlink device accepts the password you’re able to reach the Wavlink extender setup wizard.

  • Reboot Your Wavlink Extender

Sometimes, technical glitches are the culprits leading you to the Wavlink WiFi extender keeps asking for password issue. Before these glitches push you into another pit of issues related to your Wavlink extender, consider getting rid of them by giving your device a fresh start.

For this, remove your Wavlink device from the wall socket into which it is plugged, let it rest for a while, and connect it back to the power socket. Check whether rebooting brings you luck in resolving the issue you were facing.

  • Clear the Browser’s Cache

Did you clear the cache of the web browser you are using before commencing the Wavlink wireless extender login process? Probably not. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be lurking around for solutions to fix this problem.

So, the time has come to get rid of all unnecessary files on your web browser. For this, navigate to the settings section and clear the entire browser’s cache, cookies, and browsing history.

  • Reset the Extender

If nothing has worked to resolve the issue till now, then there’s a high possibility that you failed to install your extender properly. Perhaps, you missed an important instruction during the setup process. Thus, you have to configure your Wavlink device properly.

Before executing the setup process, perform a factory default reset as the ultimate Wavlink extender troubleshooting hack. Thus, find and press the Reset button on your Wavlink device carefully. Within a few moments, your extender will start working on the factory default mode. Thus, you can install it from scratch.

Sum Up

That’s all about what to do if your Wavlink WiFi extender keeps asking for password. It is expected that the troubleshooting tactics discussed in this post will help you resolve the problem in an easy manner. Now, you can manage your Wavlink extender the way you want.

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