How do I install Brostrend Ac1200 driver

A low-cost Wi-Fi extender which is currently heavily promoted can be found in the Brostrend AC1200. It's a great thing that the product includes a dual-band WiFi 5 booster, which comes with an Ethernet port as well as one meter Ethernet cable to connect devices such as laptops, set-top boxes and desktop computers that could require a stronger connection.

To connect your Brostrend extender configuration WiFi USB device, you must follow the steps listed below, if required.

1. Installation of Hardware

1.1 Turn on your PC then connect your Brostrend WiFi adapter with it's USB port.

Important: After you have connected Brostrend WiFi Adapter Brostrend Wireless Adapter onto your laptop's USB port, make sure you are in

Click the Cancel button when you see the below interface.

1.2 2. Insert the driver CD from the box on the CD-ROM on your computer, and then search for the

the correct driver for the OS of your computer. If your computer has CD-ROMs,

Please visit to find your model number, and follow the steps to download the driver for your device.

2. Setup Drivers on Your Computer

2.1 Important Note: Please remove the driver you are using prior to installing the new driver.

Prior to setting up the Brostrend extender setup driver Install the WiFi driver using the brostrend WiFi extender login credentials for another WiFi device.

Adapter This happens if multiple WiFi adapter driver installed onto the identical PC, it can cause conflicts between these drivers as well as the WiFi adapter is not working.

Within the Control Panel under Install and Uninstall Software, you can find the WiFi adapter driver that were installed and remove them.

These steps will guide you to install Brostrend WiFi Adapter driver onto the Apple Mac:

2.2 2. Locate the correct driver that is compatible with your system's operating system from the CD after which double-click. Select"Install Driver" "Install Driver" button like this:

2.3 Please follow the steps as indicated by the instructions on screen displayed at Once you have completed the installation of the driver.

2.3.1 Please choose "I accept." on the interface prior to selecting "Next."

2.3.2 3. Click "Install driver" and then on the next screen. After that, click "Next" when you have selected "Utility":

When you select this option method, you install the driver of the adapter and also create conflicts between the two derivers and result with the WiFi adapter failing to function. In the Control Panel's Install and uninstall Software area, you are able to find and remove the WiFi adapter driver that has been installed.

The steps for setting up the Brostrend WiFi adapter driver for you Windows PC

2.2 2. Open the CD and look for the driver that is compatible with your system prior to clicking it twice. Follow the steps to install the driver:

2.3 Please follow the instructions by the display The driver installation is completed.

2.3.1 Please click "I agree" ...."" and "Next" within the below interface. Choose "Install driver and WLAN" on the interface.

2.3.2 3. Click "Next," then select "Utilities":

Be aware that if it is done, need to install the adapter's drivers.

When you select this option, you download the driver for the adapter, which allows it to work on your computer while also giving you the ability to control the new WiFi adapter.

At this point you are able to select "Install driver alone." This will mean that the adapter driver is installed on your PC. The PC will not have software installed, instead, you'll be required to install Windows

The brand new WiFi adapter can be managed by the integrated WiFi network utility. Further specific information is available at

Brostrend AC1200 setup is simple. Brostrend AC1200 configuration is easy and like every other brostrend WiFi extender configuration of this kind.

To ensure you are able to ensure that your wireless connections between the router as well as the brostrend WiFi extender configuration will be secure when you connect these two gadgets, first connect it to an outlet that is in the same location as your router. Also, ensure that your router's and the brostrend WiFi extender's login are properly registered.

While there's no mobile application that can help you connect however, it's easy to establish without one. WPS is available , however using the web-based interface is the preferred option for those who want to connect instantly and securely to your router.

You'll be asked to create an administrator password when the Brostrend is listed as a device that you are able to connect to via your phone or laptop (or the computer you're setting up this on). The Brostrend AC1200 will then prompt you to choose your network of choice from a menu of possible SSIDs to ensure it knows what network you'd like it to "extend."

The pairing process is completed once it is confirmed that the Brostrend AC1200 is connected and the SSIDs are identified. It is now possible to unhook it , and then place it in a space that's about halfway between the corner of your home , where there isn't an adequate Wi-Fi signal but where you still get a reliable connection from the router.

While Brostrend is an established home networking brand however, it is not a household name. Brostrend AC1200 is currently being promoted on commercial websites. It comes at an affordable price and claims to be able to cover up any Wi-Fi areas in your home.