Amped WiFi Extender Keeps Going Offline? Let’s Fix It!

Amped WiFi Extender Keeps Going Offline? Let’s Fix It!

Whenever I try to access the internet using my Amped extender, it goes offline. What to do? Do these kinds of questions also trouble you? Well, you’ve come to the right spot. In this post, you will learn different Amped wireless troubleshooting techniques that will help you get the problem resolved. So, read on.

Fixed: Amped WiFi Extender Keeps Going Offline

Before giving a shot to any other hack, consider rebooting your Amped range extender. Chances are that technical glitches are forcing your Amped extender to go offline every now and then. Well, rebooting the extender isn’t a big deal. What you need to do is unplug it from the power socket, and plug it back after some time. If your extender still keeps going offline, then read the hacks outlined below:

Fix 1 – Check the Power Socket

Did you check the power socket before connecting your Amped wireless extender to it? No? Well, check it right now. Checked? What did you observe? Damage? Well, this can be a potential reason that can lead to the random offline status of your Amped range extender.

Therefore, consider repairing damages. And, in case you are not in the mood to get the current wall outlet repaired, consider connecting your Amped device to another wall outlet.

Fix 2 - Reduce the Extender-Router Distance

Another reason taking you to the Amped extender keeps going offline issue might be its immense distance from the host router. Is this true that your WiFi devices are placed in the farthest rooms of your house? If yes, then you need to mend the extender-router distance right now. Too much distance between them doesn’t allow the proper propagation of wireless signals.

Locate the extender a little closer to the host router. By the term “little closer”, we mean that you cannot place your wireless devices too close. If you do, then their WiFi signals won’t take much time to get involved in a conflict.

Fix 3 - Relocate the Extender

Do you know about WiFi interference? No? As the name suggests, WiFi interference is any interruption that comes across the path of your extender’s signals. This interruption can be physical or in the form of radio waves. Things like thick concrete walls and wooden logs create physical interference.

On the other hand, devices and appliances like televisions, microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers, refrigerators, cellular phones, etc. tend to create radio waves interference. Thus, your Amped wireless range extender cannot be placed near such devices. Additionally, keep the extender away from reflective surfaces as you never know when the wireless signals of your range extender get messed up due to their bouncing.

Fix 4 – Check the Ethernet Cable

Consider having a look at the Ethernet cable holding a direct connection between your Amped extender and the main router. Did you find any cuts or damages? If yes, then you’ve just found another reason forcing you to face the Amped WiFi extender keeps going offline issue.

To get rid of the issue in instant, it is advised you get the Ethernet cable changed instant. And, yes this time, use a damage-free Ethernet cable. Additionally, make sure that you have created a correct and finger-tight Ethernet cable connection.

Fix 5 - Update the Firmware

Yes! How can we forget that an outdated firmware of your Amped extender can also force it to go offline every minute? This is because operating instructions are altered with every firmware update. Chances are that your Amped extender lags those instructions and falls victim to the current issue. So, update the firmware of your extender right away. Here’s how to do it by accessing the Amped wireless extender setup wizard:

  • Ensure that you have established a strong extender-router connection.

  • Get hold of a laptop and access the extender’s web address via the address bar of the internet browser you love to use.

  • Thereafter, key in the admin details of your wireless range extender on the next window and click Login.

  • Locate the Upgrade Firmware option under Management and click it.

  • On the next screen, click Check Now and let your Amped device check for firmware updates.

  • If a new firmware is available, follow on-screen instructions.


The Amped WiFi extender keeps going offline issue is not a big one to resolve if you face the correct troubleshooting technique. We hope that the tips discussed in this write-up will help you resolve the problem with ease.