Jump Boots For Horses The Absolute Necessity For Joy Of Horse Riding

 When one considers a horse’s safety, jumping boots are not the main point of contention, yet it is one of the most important things required for a horse to be safe. Open front jumping boots for horses prevent a horse’s legs and hooves from damage and injury. To keep your horse safe, you would need to consider buying the right type of boots for your horse. The open front jumping boots of the horse is so designed to remind the horse that it must jump over the jump poles as soon as it touches the pole. These are specially designed to protect the feet of your horse from splints and other sharp objects that can cause abrasions.


  1. Should a Horse Wear Jumping Boots?

Since a horse is always at a risk of injuring its hind legs and getting the front legs struck while jumping, it is mandatory for a horse to wear jump boots. These keep the horse protected to the maximum. The open front jumping boots are the preferred choice because it gives the horse more leg-to-pole awareness while jumping. Compared to other types of jumping boots, these front opened ones are preferred for better mobility of the feet. 

Why Are Protective Jumping Boots Necessary for Horse? 

The racetrack or the land where you will be riding you horse is not always friendly for its feet. These rough terrane are not shock proof hence the boots are needed. Open front jumping boots are also known as protective boots for horses. These are especially necessary for horses when a horse has big movement in its strides as it enhance the foot mobility. It is also necessary in cases where the horse has had a previous injury or when one or more hooves strike another while in movement. The boots that are open in front are a popular choice for jumping shows because this has room for the horse feet to feel when it is touching the poles.

  1. What Are Horse Boots Made Of?

Horse boots are made from numerous materials like easy to maintain neoprene and plastic, sheepskin, leather and gel. There are many various types of horse boots as you must have an idea about. Some open front jumping boots make use of hooks and loop closures, buckles or hook and stud closures. Every type of boots comes in pairs is needless to say. However, it should be remembered that open front jumping boots should not be worn over too tightly. This will prevent the horse from slipping. It does not matter whether the boots are marked left or right, it will anyways end up on the outside of the horse’s legs with its ends facing towards the rear of the horse.


  1. What are the other Types of Horse Boots?


There are various types of boots for horses other than the open front jumping boots that you may want to consider for your horse. They are of the following types:

  • Brushing boots Tendon/Fetlock boots Overreach/Bell Boots Travel Boots Bandages Therapy/Medical boots Stable/Turnout Boots Hoof boots Cross country jumping boots Dressage/Flat boots All-purpose splint boots

Lastly, jumping boots for horses are very important and required considering the safety of a horse. While estimating the size of the horse’s boots, the height, weight, breed and circumference of the legs must be taken into consideration. There is another alternative to the open front jumping boots. It is the polo wraps or the dressage boots. They allow the horse to feel the pole while at the same time they offer more protection to the horse. The sizes are obviously customized because every horse has a special need and the sizes may differ significantly.